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Kunie Kanbara "RESET"

Kunie Kanbara "RESET"

The hottest illustrator Kunie Kanbara is very popular with CD jackets, fashion magazines and various advertisements. The main feature of her work is cuteness of oriental girls in everyday life with western fashion. The combinations of colors are so neat that you will get many ideas which will make your life brilliant and lively. As the title "RESET", it presents her newest works. At the end, there are also some monochrome parts which you can enjoy coloring them as you like.

Painting : Kunie Kanbara

Specifications : 300 mm x 210 mm / 120 pages
Published : 2004
ISBN : 4-89815-112-4

  • Price : 5,000 yen (including shipping and handling charge)
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Kunie Kanbara "RESET"


Kunie Kanbara "RESET"