Masaru Tatsuki "DECOTORA"

Masaru Tatsuki "DECOTORA"

The polished metal plates, richly colored illuminations --- strong self-assertiveness became the cluster of the lights and begun to flow to the open road. This book is showing the forefront of the Japanese art truck scene photographed in all over Japan --- the group of unyielding people.... This is the first photo book of a photographer, Masaru Tatsuki, who had been attracted by the decorated truck and chasing it for 10 years.

Photograph : Masaru Tatsuki

Specifications : 288 mm x 237 mm / 116 page
Published : 2007
ISBN : 978-4-89815-218-8

  • Price : 6,550 yen (including shipping and handling charge)
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Masaru Tatsuki "DECOTORA"