** Ryo Kameyama won the Ken Domon Photography Award, the most celebrated photographic award in Japan, with this book in 2013. **

DRCongo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Sudan, Angola, and Kenya,
One-eyed photographer's gaze at Black Africa.

One hundred and twenty photographs by Ryo Kameyama, shot from 2003 through 2010 in turbulent zone in Africa

Massacre, rape, and plunder – happening on a daily basis, The reality of the world's most brutal battlefield through a young Japanese photographer's eye

Published with autobiographical writings, beginning from his youth to the description of current works.
One can follow the tracks of the author's life, coming across the people of far countries who are suffering in agony

"Not only trying to capture the critical moment or war scenes, I thought it was important to keep a record of existence itself, even if it is only partial.
The atmosphere of the place and the breathes of the groaning people at the scene.
I did not know how to do it, how to capture such a thing in photography.
But it was absolutely certain that nothing starts without going there."
(excerpt from the book)

* The book title 'AFRIKA' is in Swahili, which is commonly spoken in the east coast of Africa.

Ryo Kameyama
Born in 1976 in Japan, started his photography career in 1996 covering conflicts in Central and South America, including the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. He then moved his focus to war zones in Africa.
Awards for his work on Palestine include the Sagamihara Young Photographer Award and the Konica Photo Premio Special Award.
He has published Palestine: Intifada, Re:WAR, Documentary Photography, and Africa's Forgotten War.

Photograph : Ryo Kameyama

Design : Shinsuke Honda

Specifications : 297 mm x 230 mm / 184 page
Published : 2012
ISBN : 978-4-89815-343-7

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