Tama-chan (Takayo Kiyota) "Smiling Sushi Roll"

Tama-chan (Takayo Kiyota) "Smiling Sushi Roll"

Is this a Sushi Roll!?
Marvel at the magnificent world of Sushi Roll Art ——

Washoku, traditional dietary cultures in Japan, has raised interest since 2013 when it was registered as part of the intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The word "sushi" is universally known nowadays. Sushi which is an international food representing Japan becomes an amazing sushi roll art once Tama-chan arranges it! She makes a sushi roll out of rice, seaweed, and a variety of ingredients. Tama-chan entertains you with humor, or sometimes shocks you with ironic ideas through unbelievably detailed techniques. She even defies common sense that a sushi roll has the same pattern every time it is sliced. Surprisingly, a different pattern is shown from her big sushi roll each time, and there is a story.

This book is the first anthology of the sushi roll artist Tama-chan. It includes famous paintings such as "The Kiss" by Klimt and "The Scream" by Munch as well as some great structures. Also, the book covers topics such as traditional Japanese culture, Buddha statues, Ukiyoe paintings, and even erotic figures. The possibility of expression is infinite! Everybody in the world must be amazed by this new style of Japanese expression.

Tama-chan is getting popular all over the world.

She proudly won the second prize on "The longest scream in the world" sponsored by Innovation Norway in 2013. Also her new presentation style "PechaKucha" has become popular in [http://www.pechakucha.org/]. Moreover, her Sushi Roll was greatly covered in the popular German TV program "Galileo". Everybody in the world is surprised by her unique technique.

"Tama-chan (Takayo Kiyota)"
Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo. After graduating from the Setsu Mode Seminar she started to work in advertisement, magazines, and books, as a freelance illustrator. Since 2005, she has called herself the sushi roll artist "Tama-chan". Whilst creating a new and entertaining sushi roll named "Smiling Sushi", she conducts a workshop to promote the importance of food culture and enjoyment of craft through the use of the sushi roll. In 2013, she won the second prize on "The longest scream in the world" sponsored by Innovation Norway.

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Specifications : 128 mm x 183 mm / 88 page
Published : 2014
ISBN : 978-4-89815-384-0

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