Yusuke Nishimura "The Folk"

Yusuke Nishimura "The  Folk"

The origin of the Japanese.
Folk Arts of Nippon,

49 Groups from around Japan, 328 pages of masterpieces!

Yusuke Nishimura is an active photographer in the commercial and magazine industry.
One day, Nishimura was awe-struck by the beautiful costumes and the magnificence dances at the Meiji Jingu Shrine's festival of Folk Entertainment Performing Arts.
Since then, for 3 years, Nishimura traveled throughout Japan to visit folk festivals and shot images of folk performances that has been passed down unbrokenly for hundreds of years. Nishimura set up his own black curtains on location in order to capture the ferocious powers of the performers that he passionately fell in love with.

[ Japanese Local Folk Performing Arts ] ... Performances such as play, dance and music of festivals and functions that have been handed down through generations in each regional community. There are several thousands all around the country that express each region's characteristics and their ways through their performance and decor.
It is not widely known that they are the roots to what became Noh, Bunraku and Kabuki.

Photograph : Yusuke Nishimura

Art Direction : Tsuguya Inoue

Specifications : 282 mm x 230 mm / 92 pages
Published : 2015
ISBN : 978-4-89815-431-1

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