"Moru and Mugi, the Sumo Stable Cats"

"Moru and Mugi, the Sumo Stable Cats"

Moru and Mugi, the Sumo Stable Cats
Witness the everyday
life of Sumo wrestlers.

Trending Sumo Stable Cats! Becoming more and more popular in TV and SNS all over the world!
Here is the very popular cat the day. The lovely photobook of the most experienced Sumo observing cat has now been released.

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Two cats and Sumo wrestlers live happily together in the Arashio Sumo Stable in Nihonhamamachi, Tokyo.

Moru used to be a street cat in Fukuoka.
He is calm, but a strong minded cat.

Mugi was abandoned in front of the stable one day.
He is a home bird and never likes to go out from the Sumo wrestler's room.
He makes strange, but is very attached.

All members including the stable master and twelve Sumo wrestlers are featured on the pages. You will be calmed by seeing the distinct contrast in the wrestler's smile when with the cats as opposed to when the wrestlers are training and fighting.

This photobook also includes information on the Sumo wrestlers and stable besides the cats, Moru and Mugi.
Highly recommended for Sumo beginners and people living outside of Japan. This photo book is written in dual languages both in Japanese and English.

About the Arashio Sumo Stable
The Arashio Sumo Stable was founded by Oyutaka (a former Komusubi wrestler) in, Nihonbashihamamachi, Tokyo in June 2002. Currently, twelve wrestlers, a Tokoyama (hairdresser), and a Gyoji (referee) belong to the stable. The latest information about the stable is available on the official Facebook site and the website http://arashio.net/heya.html.

Photographs : Yukai (Masanori Ikeda, Kazue Kawase, Yuka Ikenoya)

Book Design : Akiko Tokunaga

Specifications : 148 mm x 210 mm / 72 page / Paperback / Full-color / Contended Captions.
Dual languages : Japanese / English
Published : 2016
ISBN : 978-4-89815-447-2

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