Hiroshi Ikeda "AINU"

Hiroshi Ikeda "AINU"

The Ainu is an indigenous people based in Hokkaido, northern Japan.
Hiroshi Ikeda photographed members of the Ainu community since 2008 to 2018.
His photographs document their everyday life, festivals and pride of Ainu,
In the end of this book, there are interviews of 5 Ainu people living in various circumstances.

"A decade has passed since 2008 when I started to frequent Hokkaido to take photographs of Ainu people. We drank and laughed, and at times bickered with each other. Now, these are the people I laugh with while reminiscing on those memories. I reveled in the encounters, and the partings saddened me; the photos seem to me like a mere afterthought."
- afterword

Photographer : Hiroshi Ikeda

Specifications : 300 mm x 235 mm / 128 page
Published : 2019
ISBN : 978-4-89815-498-4

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