Tatsuya Ariyama "The Shape of Sound"

Tatsuya Ariyama "The Shape of Sound"

What makes "good sound"?

Do people who create amplifiers know the answer?
What are the opinions of those who cut records?
Will zooming into grooves and stylus reveal the secret?

A book was born out of curiosity of an audio/music lover, featuring interviews and photographs taken in search of an answer to the question.

Designer Tatsuya Ariyama wrote and designed the book. He mainly works in the field of magazines and books as well as art directions. His works aside, he lives very much close to music and has a collection of more than a thousand records.

In quest of finding an answer to the question, he travelled to Shizuoka, Akita, Chiba and even London to meet with those who devote their life to sound, as below. There he witnessed the process of cutting records, an electric circuit board plan from 30 years ago, stylus shaved out of natural diamond, and painstaking restoration of record players manufactured 50 years ago.

[Record Label] The Electric Recording Company
[Audio Manufacturers] EAR Yoshino, GOHKEN LAB.,
[Stylus Manufacturer] Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.,
[Audio Shop] Grey

Sound is produced when a needle touches a record groove. How does that process look like? Macro photography of stylus and grooves may answer the question.

Illustrator Kenichi Watanabe illustrated the path that sound travels from a record to speakers.

Tatsuya Ariyama skillfully portrayed the intangible world of sound through his editorial design, making it accessible to analog beginners as well as enjoyable to true audiophiles trapped in the journey to seek audio nirvana.

--- Profile of Tatsuya Ariyama ---
Born in Saitama, 1966. Ariyama worked for three years at Nakagaki Design Office before establishing Ariyama Design Store in 1993. He works in design and art direction, with a forcus on editorial design. In 2004 he received the 35th Kodansha Publishing Culture Award in Book Design. He teaches at MeMe Design School and part-time at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Author: Tatsuya Ariyama

Photographs: Keigo Saito

Design: Tatsuya Ariyama, Chiharu Nakamoto

Specifications : 172 mm x 257 mm / 128 page / Paperback / Full-color

Published: 2019
ISBN: 978-4-89815-508-0

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