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Yoshitomo Nara "UKIYO" (Photograph : Takashi Homma

Yoshitomo Nara "UKIYO" (Photograph : Takashi Homma

A collaborative work in two sections by Yoshitomo Nara and Takashi Homma. In the first section, Nara's punkish nymphs from "Slash with a knife" make an encore appearance-this time, they are running wild in the world of ukiyo-e, or traditional Japanese wood prints. The second section presents Takashi Homma's photographs of a 1999 exhibition of Nara's 3D works entitled "ART/DOMESTIS: Temperature of the Time". Homma was a recipient of the celebrated Ihei Kimura Photography Award and is now one Japan's most popular cultural figures.

Painting : Yoshitomo Nara
Photograph : Takashi Homma

Specifications : 290 mm x 220 mm / 40 pages
Published : 1999
ISBN : 4-947648-90-2

  • Price : 4,600 yen (including shipping and handling charge)