SHIMABUKU "Opening the Door"

SHIMABUKU "Opening the Door"

An exhibition shaped as a book – the art book of SHIMABUKU, a Berlin based Japanese contemporary artist who have been travelling all around the world for over 20 years since the early 90s, creating many works featuring on "the way of living" and "communication".

The book is introducing his 35 representing works by many photos and texts. His poetic and humorous works varies from performance to installation, video, photo, drawing and writing etc. are full of joy of encounter during the travel and his freewheeling thinking.

---Profile of SHIMABUKU---
Born in Kobe, Japan in 1969. Based in Berlin. Graduated from San Francisco Art Institute (B.A.) in 1992. Joining many exhibitions such as group exhibitions in Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Heyward Gallery in London etc., international exhibition such as Venice Biennale ('03) and Sao Paulo Art Biennial ('06) etc.

Specifications : 280 mm x 210 mm / 160 pages
Published : 2010
ISBN : 978-4-89815-295-9

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