"Nero Vol.06 UK Issue"

"Nero Vol.06 UK Issue"

Cover: Olly Alexander (Years & Years)
Back Cover: Only Real

Special Merchandise:
Flexi single with two songs!
* Only Real- Get It On
* DYGL- All The Time

Opening Feature:
Film: "God Help the Girl"
This film is a bittersweet pop musical directed by Stuart Murdoch from UK's prominent band, Belle and Sebastian. He also wrote the script and made the film based on his own music. Features: a long interview with the director himself, a photoshoot both at his home and the shooting location of the film, and comments from the filmmaker Murdoch respects, Hal Harltey and the former member of Belle and Sebastian and current writer, Stuart David.

Cover Story:
* Years & Years
A long interview and photoshoot with Years & Years, which is Uk's number one band led by Olly Alexander who co-starred in the film "God Help The Girl."

Legend Interview:
* Lawrence
An interview that went for over 3 hours with the Lawrence, the frontman of the legendary neo-acoustic pioneering band, Felt from the 80s.

* Ykiki Beat
Features a long interview about their newest album, "When the World is Wide."

* Mark Ronson
Features the producer whose attention is getting wider once again due to the film "Amy." This Dj/producer worked as Amy Winehouse's producer and won Grammy awards.

Other Artists include:
Kindness / Only Real / DYGL / Dream Wife / Childhood / Swim Deep / Kitty, Daisy & Lewis / The View / Albert Hammond Jr. / Charlotte Rutherford / Petite Meller / Annabel Wright / Flaming Fountain

This issue is filled with great interviews and photos of UK artists that only Nero could do!

Nero is... a culture magazine by Yukiko Inoue, who was active in the music scene as a music writer from the 90s. She picks up what she thinks as beautiful spirits, music, fashion, art, and entertainment that gives people hope and dreams in their daily lives. This is a new sort of magazine in which she chooses what she thinks is suited for the magazine with her unique perspective.

Languages: Japanese and English
Specifications : 288 mm x 230 mm / 276 pages
Published : 2015
ISBN : 978-4-89815-418-2

  • Price : 6,200 yen (including shipping and handling charge)