Yoko Ishii "Dear Deer"

Yoko Ishii "Dear Deer"

Are you a cat lover, or a dog lover?
Or a deer lover!!

All pages in this book include deer, deer, and deer.
Yoko Ishii was deeply moved by a deer which was standing in the center of a crossing. Since that day, she has been taking photos of deer continually. The photographs in this photo book were screened carefully from those specifically taken in Nara and Miyajima. Ishii who became a deer photographer, intimately approaches the attraction of the mysterious and lovely deer. As you get into her photo book, you might become a deer-lover!

Behind the scenes of lovely photographs...
A deer stepping into a souvenir shop, someone' s garden, and a construction site whose entry is prohibited. These surreal and heartwarming photos are deeply connected to the long history of the relationship between human beings and deer. The deer have been revered in Nara as a messenger of gods, "Shinroku." In Miyajima, currently, the local government has prohibited their feeding, and has been trying to separate them from our habitat. The number of deer has grown rapidly nationwide, reaching 2,490,000. Also, 193,800 deer were captured, and 272,600 deer were culled in Japan in 2012 (According to the Ministry of Environment census.) Additionally, there are issues of car accidents, and damage to vegetation and forests. How can deer and human beings get along? This is the time to realize the issue of the relationship between the two presences. The deer in the photographs live freely. They transgress the boundaries between ourselves and them, and show us their lovely ways.

Yoko Ishii
Deer photographer. Born in Yamaguchi in 1962. Resides in Kanagawa,Japan.
In March 2011, she was deeply moved by a deer standing in the center of a crossing in Nara, where she visited for work. It drove her to take a series of photos of deer that inhabit our public space. From East to West, and from North to South, she goes to take photographs of deer that live in freedom and transgress the boundaries between ourselves and them.

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Photographs & Text : Yoko Ishii

Art Direction : Shin Sobue
Design : Azusa Ogawa (cozfish)

Specifications : 148 mm x 220 mm / 72 pages
Published : 2015
ISBN : 978-4-89815-426-7

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